»BiZPIZ« is a service of the Pension and Invalidity Insurance Institute, enabling organisations safe and simple use of services accessible through the Institute’s web portal or. web services. Access registration is required.

BiZPIZ service provides the simplest way for organisations to conduct safe electronic business with the Institute. The use of BiZPIZ does not require any additional development of IT solutions on the part of organisations, as it is the case with other, more automatized e-business. Hence BiZPIZ service is suitable for those business scenarios where business message exchange is not very busy and user interaction at web portal is an appropriate way to create and send business messages.

The use of BiZPIZ is simple and safe. Advanced infrastructure, technological procedures and the use of qualified security certificates and other elements of public key infrastructure (PKI) guarantee security, confidentiality and full applicability of e-documents submitted. Claims completed, signed and submitted by means of BiZPIZ service have the same legal validity as those submitted on paper.

To access BiZPIZ, the following is needed:

  • Completed registration, a contract and other documentation regarding specific e-services
  • a PC with the internet access and
  • a qualified digital certificate for natural persons.

Certificates can be issued by one of the following Certificate Authorities:

  • Ministry of Public Administration (qualified digital certificate for natural persons “SIGEN-CA”)
  • Nova ljubljanska banka d.d. (digital certificate for natural persons “AC NLB”)
  • Pošta Slovenije d.o.o. (e-certificates for natural persons “POŠTA®CA”)
  • Halcom Informatika d.o.o. (e-certificates for natural persons “Halcom-CA”).

When data is exchanged with organisations outside Slovenia and digital certificates issued by the above mentioned certification authorities are not available, an organisation applying for a claim may propose that other digital certificates be accepted as well.

If data are exchanged with EU Member States, a certification authority has to be listed in the “Trusted List of Supervised/Accredited Certification Service Providers”, kept by EU Member States in accordance with technical specifications from Annex 1, Decision 2009/767/EC, as amended by Decision 2010/425/EU.

The digital certificate of the web page has been issued by SIGEN-CA. The identity of Certification Authority and instructions regarding its installation can be found at this link.

In case of any difficulties regarding the use of or access to BiZPIZ, please contact us at

How to useBiZPIZ services:

  • 1. Registration:

Before the use of the services a registration procedure has to be carried out. Since BiZPIZ services are specific e-services, intended for electronic business of the Institute with other organisations, other questions have to be settled in a special agreement before the services can be used.

  • 2. Access to “eZPIZ” services - portal:

Once the registration procedure has been completed, BiZPIZ can be accessed by logging in to the portal using the chosen digital certificate and password.

  • 3. Access to “eZPIZ” services - web services:

Once the registration procedure has been completed, BiZPIZ can be accessed by URL over SOAP protocol. Besides production environment we have prepared test environment where test before production can be done.






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