Insured persons

Insured persons are persons covered by the pension and disability insurance scheme under the Pension and Disability Insurance Act on compulsory or voluntary basis.

Compulsory Insurance

Compulsory pension and disability scheme is uniform for all insured persons and obligatory for all who meet the prescribed legal conditions.

Voluntary Insurance

Apart from compulsory membership in pension and disability insurance scheme, a person can, subject to certain conditions, also join the compulsory insurance scheme on a voluntary basis.

Effects of Compulsory and Voluntary Insurance

The data on persons covered by the compulsory and voluntary insurance scheme is recorded in the Register of the Insured Persons. It is provided by the persons liable thereto, as stipulated by the law. For the time of insurance membership liable persons shall pay defined contributions for the insured. If contributions have been paid, the periods covered by the insurance count towards pension qualifying periods, the insurance bases from which contributions have been paid determine a pension basis for the calculation of entitlements.

Insurance in case of an injury at work and occupational disease

Insurance for injury at work and occupational disease is a specific type of insurance. Contributions are paid for the contingencies as a lump sum or at a specific contribution rate pursuant to the Decision determining contributions for specific insurance cases. Insurance periods completed under this insurance are not considered as pension qualifying periods.  A person pursuing work or activity not subject to compulsory insurance can, in case of an injury at work or occupational disease, qualify for a disability pension, or in the case of death of an insured person their survivors can be entitled to a widow-er's or survivor’s pension in the same amount as if the contingency occurred under compulsory insurance. Besides an insurance case, a precondition for qualification is paid contributions.  





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