Terms and conditions of use

General terms of use of web portals of Zavod za pokojninsko in invalidsko zavarovanje Slovenije

(Version 1.0)


General provisions

General provisions regarding the use of web portals of Zavod za pokojninsko in invalidsko zavarovanje Slovenije (hereinafter ‘ZPIZ’) govern the way eZPIZ and BiZPIZ web portals (‘portal’) can be accessed, the mode regarding the use of data and documents ('data'), the use of web services and the liabilities of ZPIZ and users.

General provisions are binding for all natural and legal persons (users), who access to and use the eZPIZ and BiZPIZ portal services.

General provisions represent a legally valid and binding agreement between ZPIZ and the users of ZPIZ web portals.


Intellectual property rights

Under the Copyright and Related Rights Act, ZPIZ is the holder of substantive intellectual property rights regarding intellectual property rights contents in their broadest sense (graphical elements, photos, illustrations or other presentation texts) published on the website of ZPIZ and all its component parts.


The purpose of the processing and personal data protection

ZPIZ undertakes to carefully protect the personal data of the users of the website. The data shall be collected, obtained, stored and processed exclusively for the needs of the implementation of portal services, for the improvement of the website and the purposes the users of the website will send them for.

In order to improve the content and usefulness of its website, ZPIZ records certain statistical non-personal data  regarding individual accesses of visitors, towards establishing the number of total accesses, the number of the accesses to individual content of a website, the timing of the accesses, the average time of a visit, etc.

Data shall be protected according to the provisions of the law regulating personal data protection. ZPIZ undertakes that the data collected shall be stored for no longer than it is necessary to achieve the purpose for which it had been collected.

In the process of registration a user supplies the required personal data. They ensure that their user name and password will exclusively be used by themselves. Each user bears sole responsibility for the content they enter into the ZPIZ website at the registration. The user acknowledges that, prior to the registration, they have been made acquainted with the scope and purpose of the processing of the personal data they supplied at the registration. At the registration the user expresses their consent that ZPIZ may process the personal data they have posted on the ZPIZ website.

ZPIZ undertakes that personal data and contact details will not be used for other purposes and without the express authorization of the user or, if so provided by the applicable legislation, disclosed to third parties. While personal data are being managed, an individual can, according to the applicable legislation, view, transcribe, copy, supplement, correct, block and delete personal data in the personal data collection.

ZPIZ shall protect the data obtained and prevent their abuse. Personal data shall be used exclusively for the purposes for which the user has given their consent.


The use of ZPIZ web portals

The users of ZPIZ web portals can use webpages and some services on the website without prior registration.

The use of eZPIZ and BiZPIZ web portals is only possible for registered users.

General terms apply and are binding for registered as well as non-registered users.


Access to ZPIZ portals

Before the first use, the users of eZPIZ and BiZPIZ portals have to register first and confirm that they have been made acquainted with the general terms and conditions regarding the use of the ZPIZ web portals. The registration procedure is described on the ZPIZ website.

Registration is mandatory, unique and free. Once the registration has been successfully performed, the access to the portal is possible with a qualified certificate and password.

Users shall not create user accounts with automated means of account creation or in order to prevent the functioning of portals, with the purpose of misleading or fraud.

The user is responsible for all the activities carried out under their user account.


Security for the ID elements of the user

Under the Personal Data Protection Act ZPIZ shall protect identification data of the users of portals, which are supplied by the users when they register, login and use the portal services.

The data collected in the user profile shall be used by ZPIZ exclusively for its own services and shall not be transmitted to unauthorized third parties under no circumstances.


The use of portals

Each user of the portals should carefully store ID elements and not transmit them to third parties for use or make them available. The user is responsible for all activities and the harm caused directly or indirectly due to negligent behaviour, or because unauthorized third parties, with knowledge and permission, have made use of the user's ID elements to access the ZPIZ portals.

In cases where ID fraud is suspected, a user should change their password and, if they believe that the disclosure of information has caused damage, the administrator of the ZPIZ IT system should be informed thereof.

ZPIZ forbids the application of automated interventions, queries or other robots which automatically acquire information from portals or in any other way automatically interfere or communicate with them. Metasearch is not allowed, but for the search by means of general web browsers.

In cases where fraud from the above paragraphs is suspected and/or if user’s actions endanger the functioning of the portals, ZPIZ can restrict the access for users.


Transfer of documents to or from ZPIZ portals

Once they have successfully logged in, the users of ZPIZ portals can post or transmit various contents to the portal. All documents submitted to or received from the portal are legally binding for the user as well as ZPIZ.

Users are prohibited from posting or transmitting to or from the Site any material:

  • that is protected by the Copyright and Related Rights Act,
  • where there is no legal basis for submission
  • that is discriminatory, offensive, molesting, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or otherwise illegal,
  • that contains viruses, Trojan horses, or a similar computer code, files or programs which could change, damage or interfere with the functionality of ZPIZ websites, software, hardware, or any third party trying to access those websites.

ZPIZ shall not bear the legal consequences regarding the content transmitted to portals contrary to legislation and these general terms.


External links to ZPIZ portals

Links to the portal or the basic page are permitted if the labels, symbols or annotations protected in accordance with copyright and similar rights and other messages on the ZPIZ page or portal have been preserved.

In cases of frauds from the above paragraph, ZPIZ can demand the links be removed. The use of any software or hardware which could inhibit the common use of the portal with its operation is prohibited.


Limitation of liability

The operation of portal services is uninterruptedly ensured by ZPIZ (24 x 7), except in cases of force majeure. The access can be disturbed or portal operation interrupted for a short time due to technical reasons (maintenance and/or software update), as a rule after 5 pm and on non-working days. Longer planned interruptions are announced on the website of ZPIZ or the portal entry page. 

ZPIZ reserves the right to change the content of portals anytime, in any way and irrespective of the reason, without prior warning. ZPIZ will not be held responsible for any consequences arising from such changes.

Users use the portals on their own responsibility. ZPIZ is not liable for the damage which could occur to a user due to a wrong access, incorrect application or inability to use data and web services on the portal. Users themselves shall provide measures for the protection of their software, which are necessary for undisturbed and safe data access (e.g. protection against hacking, viruses and other malicious software …)


 Final provisions

These general terms enter into force from the date of their publication on the ZPIZ website.

In the event of breaches the user is responsible for unauthorized acquisition of data and the entire damage caused to ZPIZ thereby.

General terms can be changed by ZPIZ anytime and shall be binding for users in all their amended versions.

Amendments shall be published on the ZPIZ website.

All disputes that might arise due to the breach of the general terms and conditions shall be settled by mutual consent. Where this is not possible, the Court in Ljubljana shall have jurisdiction in resolving disputes.