Supervision of the legality of the Institute’s operations

A direct mandatory supervision of the Institute's operations on an annual basis is stipulated by the Act on the Court of Audit. The Court of Audit annually examines financial and other operations of the Institute.

According to the law the supervision of legality of Institute’s operations and eligible use of its funds is carried out by the minister responsible for labour. In case of irregularities the minister responsible for labour renders a decision, stipulating measures and periods for their elimination.

The minister responsible for labour can withhold the execution of a decision adopted by the Institute’s Council if he deems such a decision illegal or not in conformity with the financial plan of the Institute and the national budget, and informs the Government of the Republic of Slovenia accordingly.

The National Assembly and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia indirectly supervise the planning and use of funds, by the Government’s approval of the Institute's financial plan on an annual basis. 





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