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A farmer (in the pension and disability insurance scheme) is a person who pursues an agricultural or agricultural and forestry activity or a supplemental activity on a farm (agricultural activity) in Slovenia as defined by the Agriculture Act, and is the holder or member of the farm and has permanent residence in the territory of Slovenia.


Farmers are insured on a compulsory basis if:

  • they are certified as medically fit to pursue the agricultural activity as determined by the occupational health service;
  • they are not in education;
  • they are not recipients of an early retirement benefit, old-age, widow-er’s or disability pension;
  • when they register for insurance, the income of the farm from agricultural activities is at least equal to EUR 4,894.06 per insured member per year.


A farmer who does not meet the income requirement but meets all the other insurance requirements may join the compulsory insurance scheme on a voluntary basis.


Farmers are generally insured on a full-time insurance basis.


Where persons pursue an agricultural activity in another Member State and the legislation of Slovenia regarding compulsory social insurance applies to them under Regulation 883/2004, they are insured as a self-employed person.


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