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Requirements for the use of eZPIZ services

To use the eZPIZ services you need:

  • A personal computer, a mobile device with internet access and
  • A qualified digital certificate for natural persons or
  • An SI-PASS service account. You do not need a digital certificate to log in using the SI-PASS service on your device. 


To digitally sign documents, you need:

  • A qualified digital certificate for natural persons or
  • an SI-PASS service account for digital signing of documents. You do not need a digital certificate and a ProXSign signing component to sign using SI-PASS on your device.
  • If you are signing documents with a digital certificate, the ProXSign digital signature component must also be installed on the same device (the component is installed automatically). More information about the component can be found at, where you can install the component and check its operation. You can also download components directly from this page.


Use of the eApplication services has no special restrictions on the use of browsers. However, if you use the ProXSign signature component for digital signing, you must follow the manufacturer's requirements when using browsers.

The following digital certificate issuers are supported:


To access eZPIZ telephone services, you need

  • A phone (must enable tone - DTMF dialing)
  • You need an identification number and a security (PIN) code to access some services.
  • You can access the eZPIZ telephone services via the answering machine on the telephone number 01 4745 100 or on the direct telephone numbers


In case of problems with the use or access to the eZPIZ services, write to the address or call the telephone number 01 4745 909.




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