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General conditions for the use of the web portals of the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia

(version 1.0)


General provisions

The General Terms and Conditions for the use of the Web Portals of the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia (hereinafter: ZPIZ) regulate the method of access to the eZPIZ and BiZPIZ web portals (hereinafter: portal), the method of using data and documents (hereinafter: data), the use of online services and responsibilities of ZPIZ and users.

The General Terms and Conditions are binding on all natural and legal persons (users) who access and use the services of the eZPIZ and BiZPIZ portals.

The General Terms and Conditions represent a legally valid and binding agreement between ZPIZ and the users of ZPIZ portals.


Protection of intellectual property rights

Pursuant to the Copyright and Related Rights Act, ZPIZ is the holder of material copyrights over the contents of intellectual property rights in the broadest sense (graphic elements, photographs, illustrations or other presentation texts) published on the ZPIZ website and all its constituent parts.


Purpose of processing and protection of personal data

ZPIZ undertakes to carefully protect the personal data of users of the website. Data will be collected, retrieved, stored and processed exclusively for the purposes of providing portal services, for improving the use of the website and for the purposes for which it will be provided by users of the website.

Due to the improvement of the contents and usability of its website, ZPIZ records certain non-personal statistical data on individual accesses of visitors, which are intended to determine the number of all accesses, the number of accesses to individual contents of the website, time distribution of accesses, average visit time and the like.

The data is protected in accordance with the requirements of the law governing the protection of personal data. ZPIZ undertakes to keep the collected data only for as long as is strictly necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected.

The user provides the required personal data during the registration process. The user guarantees that he will manage his username and password exclusively by himself. Each user is independently responsible for the content they enter when logging in to the ZPIZ website. The user confirms that prior to registration he was duly informed of the scope and purpose of the processing of personal data made available during registration. Upon registration, the user gives personal consent that ZPIZ may process personal data provided by the user to the ZPIZ website.

ZPIZ undertakes not to use the personal data and contact information of users for other purposes and not to disclose them to third parties without the express permission of the user, or if required by applicable law. During the management of personal data, the individual has the option of viewing, transcribing, copying, supplementing, correcting, blocking and deleting personal data in the database, in accordance with applicable law.

ZPIZ will protect the obtained data and prevent their misuse. Personal data will only be used for the purposes for which the user has given his consent.


Use of ZPIZ web portals

Users of ZPIZ web portals may use the websites and certain services on the websites without registration.

The use of the services of the eZPIZ and BiZPIZ web portals is enabled only for registered users.

The General Terms and Conditions are valid and binding on both registered and unregistered users.


Access to ZPIZ portals

Users of the eZPIZ and BiZPIZ portals must perform the registration procedure and confirm their familiarity with the general conditions of use of the ZPIZ web portals before using them for the first time. The registration procedure is described on the ZPIZ website.

Registration is mandatory, one-time and free. After successful registration, access to the portal is enabled using a qualified digital certificate and password.

Users may not create user accounts by automated means or with the intention of disabling portals, misleading or commiting fraud.

The user is responsible for all activities performed under his username.


Protection of user identification elements

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, ZPIZ protects the identification data of portal users, which users provide in the processes of registration, login and use of portal services.

ZPIZ uses the data collected in the user profile only for its own services and in no case forwards them to unauthorized third parties.


Use of portals

Each user of the portals must carefully keep the identification elements and must not pass them on to third parties for use or access. The user is responsible for all activities and for all damage caused directly or indirectly due to negligent conduct or because unauthorized third parties with the knowledge or permission used the user's identification elements to access the ZPIZ portals.

In case of suspicion of misuse of identification elements, the user must change his password and if he believes that the disclosure caused any damage, inform the administrator of the information system ZPIZ.

ZPIZ prohibits the use of automatic interventions, queries or other robots that automatically obtain data from portals or otherwise automatically interfere with or communicate with portals. “Meta” searches on portals are prohibited, except for searches using general search engines.

ZPIZ may restrict the user's access in case of suspicion of abuse from the previous paragraphs and / or in the event that the user's conduct endangers the operation of the portals.


Transfer of documents to or from the ZPIZ portals

Users of ZPIZ portals can submit or download various contents after successfully logging in to the portal. All documents submitted to the portal or received from the portal are legally binding for the user and ZPIZ.

It is forbidden to transfer content:

  • which is protected by the Copyright and Related Rights Act,

  • for which there is no legal basis for its transfer,

  • which could be discriminatory, offensive, harassing, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or otherwise illegal,

  • which contains computer viruses, Trojan horses or other similar computer code, files or programs that could change, damage or interfere with the functionality of the ZPIZ websites, software, computer hardware or any third party accessing these websites.

ZPIZ does not bear legal consequences for the content that users upload to the portal in violation of the law and these general terms and conditions.


External links to ZPIZ portals

Links to the portal or the main page are allowed if the marks, signs or records that are protected in accordance with the regulations on the protection of copyright or related rights and other notices on the page or portal of the ZPIZ are not removed or hidden.

In the event of abuse referred to in the previous paragraph, the ZPIZ may request the removal of the link.The use of any software or hardware that could disable the normal use of the portal is prohibited.


Limitation of liability

ZPIZ ensures the operation of the portal services continuously (24 x 7), except in case of force majeure. Due to technical reasons (for the needs of maintenance and / or replacement of equipment), short disruptions in access or interruption of the operation of portals are possible, usually after 5 pm and on non-working days. ZPIZ publishes the notice of planned longer interruptions in advance on its website or on the entry page of the portals.

ZPIZ reserves the right to change the content of the portals at any time, in any way and for any reason, without prior notice. ZPIZ is not responsible for any consequences of such changes.

Users use the portals at their own risk. ZPIZ is not liable for any damage that may occur to the user due to incorrect access, incorrect use or inability to use data and online services on the portal. Users must provide for themselves the measures to protect their information equipment necessary for uninterrupted and secure access to data (e.g. intrusion protection, virus protection and protection from other malware...).


 Final Provisions

These general terms and conditions enter into force on the day of their publication on the ZPIZ website.

In the event of a breach of these general terms and conditions, the user is responsible for the unjustified acquisition of data and any damage that would occur to ZPIZ.

The General Terms and Conditions may be changed by ZPIZ at any time and are binding on users in any form changed.

ZPIZ will inform users about changes to the general terms and conditions on its website.

Any disputes arising from violations of these general terms and conditions are resolved by ZPIZ by mutual agreement. When this is not possible, the court in Ljubljana has jurisdiction to resolve disputes.


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