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Change of details for remittance to another bank account or a change of residence

If a recipient wishes to receive pension and/or disability benefits into a new bank account, they must provide ZPIZ with their personal details, along with precise details of the new bank account, including the name and address of the bank, in writing. A claim must be signed by hand by the beneficiary or their legal representative in the case of a minor, or by a guardian or authorised representative.


A recipient may submit changes in writing by post, in person at any ZPIZ regional office or branch, at ZPIZ head office in Ljubljana, via the ‘Moj eZPIZ’ portal, or by email to, where the claim must be attached  and the recipient’s own signature must be provided.


The recipient may report new details in writing, and may complete the form for this purpose:


If ZPIZ receives a written request for a change by the fifth day of the month, the change is implemented for the current month, otherwise the following month.


A recipient of pension and disability benefits or a beneficiary is obliged to provide ZPIZ with information on the circumstances and any changes to circumstances pertaining to the recipients of entitlements under this act and affecting entitlements under this act, their scope or their payment, within eight days of the occurrence of the circumstances or changes thereto


If a recipient of pension and/or disability benefits is assigned either a guardian or one authorized to manage their finances, a final decision by a competent authority on the assigned guardian must be submitted to ZPIZ, along with a request to change the address to which the benefits are remitted.


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