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Payment of annual allowance

Annual allowance is paid to the majority of recipients together with their June pensions.


A total pension amount for the calculation of one’s annual allowance , apart from one’s pension amount, also comprises that of the portion of the widow-er’s pension or survivor’s pension from  the second parent, allowances and differences between pensions and a pension under other regulations, and the amount of the pension received from a foreign pension or disability insurance provider. The amount of the annual allowance is determined for these recipients with reference to the total amount of the pensions from Slovenian pension insurance and the pensions received from abroad.


The annual allowance is paid on a pro-rata basis, depending on the insurance period completed in Slovenia as a proportion of the total periods completed. This means that if a recipient receives a Slovenian pension on a pro-rata basis, the annual allowance is also assessed and paid on a pro-rata basis.


By the end of March of the current year, ZPIZ sends to the recipients who, as at 1 January of the current year, were resident in another country or resident in Slovenia and whose pension is paid on a pro-rata basis under the provisions of international  agreements, and recipients who reside in Slovenia and who, according to the information held by the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, also receive a pension from a pension and disability insurance provider abroad, the ‘Statement on the level of a pension from abroad’ form to complete.


All these recipients must provide ZPIZ with information on the amount of the pension from abroad paid in January of the current year, or state that they do not receive any pension from abroad. They may report the information via the online portal referred to in the cover letter, or return the completed declaration by post. If ZPIZ does not receive the details on the amount of the pension from abroad by 30 September of the current year, the annual allowance is paid by the end of the current year in a minimum amount or less, if the recipient receives a pension on a pro-rata basis.


Recipients of pensions or disability insurance benefits who acquire an entitlement to benefits in the current year are paid the annual allowance on a pro-rata basis (in twelfths) calculated in relation to the duration of the entitlement to a pension or benefit in that year, provided that they have not yet been paid the annual leave allowance in full in that year. The month in which  a beneficiary received the benefit for at least 15 days is regarded as the month of receipt of the benefit.


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