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Sending Life-Certificates

Recipients of pension and disability benefits who live abroad must send confirmation to ZPIZ once a year that they are still alive. The confirmation must be certified by a competent national or administrative authority of the country of residence, or the provider abroad.


To this end, recipients who live abroad and whose details ZPIZ has not been able to obtain by means of the electronic exchange of information with pension and disability insurance providers abroad are sent a form at their address of residence by ZPIZ once a year. The recipients must complete the form in full, duly certify it and return it to the provider.


As a rule, ZPIZ sends out the form to recipients at the start of October. It must be returned to ZPIZ by December of the same calendar year at the latest.


If certified confirmation that a recipient is still alive is not received in due time, ZPIZ suspends payment of the benefit until the requisite form is received.





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