Pension payments

The Pension Payments Division is responsible for:

  • the implementation of decisions awarding or cancelling entitlements and subsequent changes by setting up a database for regular monthly payments and payments of  arrears, and the calculation of overpayments;
  • the preparation of data for accurate calculation of income tax prepayment on pensions and other benefits;
  • monitoring the accuracy and timeliness of cash benefit payments;
  • verifying the right to uninterrupted payment of pension and disability benefits by collecting school certificates, life certificates, death certificates and other supporting documents;
  • the registration and de-registration of beneficiaries in the compulsory health insurance;
  • the execution of court orders, tax administration instruments and attachment orders;
  • the providing of general information and information in individual cases on pension payments and deductions for beneficiaries.          





Opening hours and contacts

Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia
Kolodvorska ulica 15, Ljubljana

+386 1 474 51 00
+386 1 432 10 46
Monday and Tuesday
8-12 and 13-15
8-12 and 13-17
Telephone answering machine +386 1 474 56 92
Pension Payments Information +386 1 474 56 50