About insurance

A membership in pension and disability insurance, which is a part of social insurance, is the realization of the constitutional right to social security, as provided by Article 50 of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia. The State regulates compulsory health, pension, disability and other social insurances and supervises their implementation.

The Pension and Disability Insurance Act (ZPIZ-2) prescribes persons to be covered by compulsory insurance. Apart from persons whose compulsory insurance is statutorily prescribed, persons who do not comply with compulsory insurance conditions can also join the pension and disability insurance scheme on a voluntary basis, on condition they comply with other legal requirements of the same Act. More information on the conditions regarding compulsory and voluntary insurance can be found in insured persons’ categories description.

Compulsory insured persons take out their insurance with the date of the beginning of the legal relationship representing the basis for their insurance. For the voluntary insured the membership in pension and disability insurance starts with the date of their registration in the insurance. A membership in pension and disability insurance and the payment of contributions, in line with the principles of mutuality and solidarity, provides for the entitlements regarding the risk of old-age, disability, death and other entitlements.

Based on such an insurance relationship the insured, on the one hand,  derive their rights to statutorily prescribed benefits provided by the compulsory insurance provider, on the other hand, however, a contributor is obliged to pay contributions to the compulsory insurance scheme. The Act Regulating Insurance Records of Insured Persons and Beneficiaries of Compulsory Pension and Disability Insurance Entitlements (ZMEPIZ-1) stipulates which legal entities and natural persons are contributors or  data providers, who are liable for the providing of the data for the insured relevant for the implementation of pension and disability insurance.





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